Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Save The President by Midway

What I have to say about this movie is...
The producer use the storyline of Cod MW2.
I suggest to use own inspiration.
But I see good uses of mods I like that.
Effects are nice to see but the camwork is a bit messy.
The intro was just crap im sorry for this language but I hoped the producer used his own intro.
About the music I suggest to not use cod music cuz its boring to hear.
I suggest to also work on the storyline cuz its kinda boring too its too predictable.
I will rate this movie a 6.0

Ps: I will suggest to make more machinima movies cuz I will look forward to.

''All Ghilied Up'' & ''One Shot, One Kill'' by Midway

I will comment later on this movie.

Kingfish by Midway

I will comment later on this video

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