Tuesday, March 5, 2013

For the Glory by Exxxtate

What I have to say about this movie is the producer really make the atmosphere like ww2 its awsome I see the producer used good mods for the movie.
Effects of this movie are awsome too.
But the storyline is pretty poor its too boring the producer need to use more details on every scene of gunfights and talking scene its painful to watch.
And I know these are Russian soldiers but the producer could add English subtitles so everyone can understand.
And the producer also used german voices? It will be more nicer if he adds subtitles
The producer really needs to work on the story cuz its too painfull when the movie effects and mods are very good but the story not.
I will rate this movie a 6.0

Ps: I hope For the glory 2 would be much better im looking forward to it.

Squad 2 by Exxxtate Squad 2 by Exxxtate
What I have to say about this movie is...
Too poor that there is no English subtitle.
The storyline is a copy of mw2 too bad.
But the uses of mod are awsome that makes the envoirment like mw2 cliffhanger.
There are no uses of effects too bad.
I will rate this movie a 5.5

Ps: I will look forward too For the Glory 2 on Exxxtate's youtube channel. 

Squad by Exxxtate

I will comment later on this video.


  1. im not a WW2 fan, but i really enjoyed this video, i personally would've rated it a 7.3 :)